The Trackmania Formula League is open for registrations for anybody willing to participate. You can register from any country but Standard Access in Trackmania is required as the competition will take place on dedicated online servers.

Being part of a team is optional. You can still fully participate in the League while staying solo. Your own results will only appear in the Driver Standing. You can register until the end of the prologue. Once the league has started (2 hours before the first race), it will no longer be possible to create a team or join a team.


If you want to stream the League, you can register as a streamer on your profile page on the website, in the Management tab. After that, you will be allowed to choose your division on your profile for each race. There are 5 streamers slots per divisions maximum. You can change your division at any time until 2 hours before the race.


Each season will consist of ten races taking place on Saturday at 21h00 CEST/CET with maximum duration of an hour and a half. See full schedule on the calendar. Every circuit will remain undisclosed and revealed at the start of an event.
To take part in a race, join in-game servers TMFL Division X or TMFL Race Hub.
As a driver, you have access only to your division server via a whitelist (no password). Join the HUB server that will automatically redirect to your division's server.
Registered streamers can join every division server, but only in spectator mode.

Pre-Race / Waiting room

The TMFL servers will open half an hour before the start of Free Practice. Drivers are not obligated to come on their division server during this period, but a circuit called waiting room will be played with the League’s gamemode allowing you to practice your fuel and tyre management.

Free Practice

Time announced on the calendar for each event is the start of the Free Practice session. Keep in mind that the circuit will not be revealed before the event, so this will mark the moment everybody will discover and drive the circuit for the first time.
The Free Practice session is 20 minutes long and will feature the TMFL gamemode.
Learning every corner of the map is great but mastering the fuel usage and the tyre degradation before the start of the race will be a huge asset...


The Qualifying session will take place with drivers being able to only do one single flying lap. Starting the session from the pitbox, you got one lap to gain momentum and then start your flying lap where you will have to deliver your best performance.
The results of the Qualifying session will determine your position on the starting grid for the race.

You must pass every checkpoint of the lap in the right order to complete a valid lap. If a lap on the qualification is not valid, the TMFL staff is free to invalidate your qualification and add a time penalty on the race compare to the grid position.
Passing through the pitlane at full speed to trying to gain time for a good lap time will result in a time penalty according to the speed (+10s or +20s).

Pitlane is closed during the qualifying session.
Points will be distributed to the best drivers (see point system section).
If a tie occurs, the driver who sets the time first gets to be ranked ahead of the other one.


Each drivers will be placed automatically on the starting grid according to the classifications of the Qualifying session. Anyone not being able to register a valid time during qualy will start from the pitlane.
A race is 40 to 50 minutes long with fuel and tyre management (see gamemode section for more details). As soon as the driver in the lead crosses the finish line, everyone else’s race will end when crossing the line as well (even with a/some lap(s) down).
Points will be distributed to every drivers able to finish the race (see point system section).

If a tie occurs at the end of the race, the driver with the fastest lap will be ranked ahead of the other one.
You must pass every checkpoint of the lap in the right order to complete a valid lap. If a lap on the race is not valid, the TMFL staff is free to apply penalties (see on ON TRACK RULES section).

Passing through the pitlane at full speed to trying to gain time for a good lap time will result in a time penalty according to the speed (+10s or +20s).



At the start of every session but most importantly at the start of the race, your car will be loaded with 100 liters of fuel, decreasing dynamically depending on your driving style. The more you release the throttle, the more you will save fuel.
You need to stop in the pits to refuel: 4L/s while being stopped.


Tyre degradation depends on your driving style, there is a little consumption with distance, but the most important part comes when drifting and braking. An aggressive driving style will result in tyres worned faster. Under a certain level of tyre wear, grip will start to go down and make it more difficult to control your car. You need to stop in the pits to change your tyres (no different compounds). It will take 3 seconds right after you stopped; your fuel tank will also start to fill at the same time.

Pitlane & Pitstops

Speed in the pitlane is limited to 130km/h. Speeding will result in a 10 or 20 seconds penalty before you refuel (depending on your speed). Speed limitation start at the checkered line on the road under the 130-speed limit sign. You need to mark a complete stop (<1 km/h) inside the pitstop area to start refuelling.


Due the server capacity limitation, the Trackmania Formula League will be separated in divisions. Each division will consist of a number of drivers, yet to be determined.


In order to smooth out each division’s level, a League Division Qualifier called Prologue will take place the weekend before the start of League. You must take part in the Prologue to be placed in a Division according to your level.

The prologue event will take place on a single circuit. You will compete on a 7 laps race with a mandatory pitstop for refuelling and a simplified gamemode. Your League Division Qualifier position will be established with the total race time of your 7 laps race.
The Prologue server will be open for five days, allowing you as many attempts as you want to pull out your best race. The League Divisions repartition will be made with everybody’s best race time at the end of the five days of Prologue.
Prologue is qualifying : any player who wants to participate to the league must complete at least one valid run (7 laps). Qualifying places might get limited in case of too many entries.


Every race

In order to have all players in a unique cross-division ranking, a new special points system has been created. By being part of a division, you will be credited at each race with Division Minimum Points (DMP).

Division n DMP = Division n+1 DMP + 50pts (by incrementing from the lowest division)

DMPs will be announced after the prologue (depending on the number of registered players/divisions).
The amout of DMP you score is fixed and is the only thing separating you from drivers of other divisions. Regardless of the DMP, drivers will score points the same way in every division for the qualifying session and after the race as follows:

Division Minimum Points

Division n DMP = Division n+1 DMP + 50pts (by incrementing from lowest division)

Qualifying points scoring

1st = 20pts

2nd = 16pts

3rd = 14pts

4th = 12pts

5th = 10pts

6th = 8pts

7th -> 12th = -1pt per place

13th = 1pt

Race points scoring

1st = 115pts

2nd = 95pts

3rd = 80pts

4th = 70pts

5th = 65pts

6th = 60pts

7th = 56pts

8th = 53pts

9th = 50pts

10th = 47pts

11th = 45pts

12th = 43pts

13th = 41pts

14th = 39pts

15th = 37pts

16th = 35pts

17th -> 49th = -1pt per place

50th = 1pt

DNF = 0pt

DNS = -40pts

DSQ = 0pt


You have the possibility to declare yourself not present on any race on the calendar for a maximum of 3 races per season. These 3 jokers are a way to not receive the DNS malus when you can anticipate an absence for a race.
The allocation of a joker will be done on the calendar page and must be done no later than two hours before a race.

In order to have servers filled with active players at every level during the course of the entire season, a player will be considered inactive after 3 DNS in a row without having used any joker during his 3 absences. Every player in this situation will automatically lose all points accumulated so far and will be dropped to the lowest division for the following race.
You can re-enter the league and get your points back after participating to a race in the lowest division.


The main standing is an overall system across all divisions that is possible thanks to the DMP.
After every race weekend, standings are updated and the divisions' distribution for the next race weekend is re-generated. This will allow promotion and relegation between each race.
In the event of a tie on points on standings, players are sorted according to their average position from the races they took part.

Team overall

Besides the Driver standing, you can compete in the Team standing. You can set up a team of maximum 3 drivers. At each race, the 2 best drivers (drivers who score most points on the race, including DMP, DNF, DNS, DSQ, Penalties) will score points for the team. But all 3 drivers score points for themselves in solo ranking.



Driving assistance, player substitution, macros, specific software to gain performance or to have more information about your car, your opponents and/or the race, abusive use of a glitch or any form of cheating detected is not allowed and can be punished by a disqualification from the competition.
You can join an event during free practice, qualifying or race warm-up, but once the race has started you will not be able to join the action anymore.
Do not spam messages in the in-game chat during an event. After you finished the race, wait for everybody else to finish to chat and congratulate your opponents.
Respawns are allowed in free practice, but not in Qualy and during the race.
Completing a lap by driving the wrong way in Free Practice, Qualifying and Race is forbidden.

The organizers reserve the right to penalize/disqualify/ban at any time and without notice to a team or a player of the competition in the case of a repeated and/or particularly serious violation of the regulation.
Mappers will be allowed to race on their maps, except that they will not be allowed to take part in the Qualification session and be forced to retire one lap before the end of the race preventing them to score any points on a map they know very well. Those restrictions will be automatically assured by the gamemode.

Openplanet is allowed only with the special TMFL Signature mode with a selection of authorized plugins !

The Trackmania Formula League integrate many anti-cheat detections. Any warning will be analyzed, and the staff reserve the right to disqualified a player, unvalid a player race or even ban a player from the Trackmania Formula League.

Any wallbang, wallride or cut made purposely than can help gain time or save fuel / tyres is forbidden and can be analyzed after the race by the TMFL staff. The staff reserve the right to penalize a player (time penalty or disqualification depending on the severity and redundancy of the player's action) in case of verified gain. Furthermore, the TMFL staff will not analyze every replay after each race. A case of possible wallbang, wallride or cut will only processed if tangible proof (video clip, stream replay, or Trackmania race replay) is provided to the TMFL staff.


As respawning is not allowed, flipping your car or going off the track and failing to re-join will result in a retirement. Running out of fuel will cut off your engine. If you're unable to refuel in time, you will be out of the race. Having a tyre failure (tyre wear reaching zero percent) will also be synonym of the end of your race.

During a race, if a server crashes before the end of lap 4, the race will be restarted. For a crash after lap 4, the result of the race will be taken with the race ranking at the end of the last lap before the crash.
Any personal game crash, computer crash or server disconnection will make you out of the race (DNF). A driver scores a DNS (Did Not Start) if he has not attended any of the sessions on race day (Free Practice, Qualifying, Race).


A 500 € cashprize is provided for the TMFL Season 6.


This prizepool of 500 € will reward the best players at the end of Season 6. The earnings will be given to the five players in the General Driver Standing after the end of the last race of the season. The distribution will take place as follows:

TMFL Champion: 250 €
2nd place: 150 €
3rd place: 100 €


The Trackmania Formula League is a French 1901 association with legal obligation to follow the French law about e-sport regulation (law from Octobre 7th 2016).
This law requires us to verify the identity (with ID document) of every player qualified to gain cashprize, with somes conditions:

Cashprize winner need to be at least 18 years old
If the player is between 16 and 18 years old, parental authorization must be provided with ID document
Any player under the age of 16 cannot win cashprize, but you will be able to participate in the TMFL

If a player hasn't send a valid ID document in due time to the TMFL staff and is inside the cashprize distribution window at the end of the season, the cashprize distribution will be shifted down by one position.

TMFL staff members (BossBravo, Nano, RedChoc, SchumiSkins, Cleora, Kimi, Moggius, Barrikimi) will not be able to compete for cashprize. Any staff member in a position to do so will not be considered for cashprize distribution.


The ID verification will be made by sending us your ID and / or your parental consent with your parent's ID to the following e-mail address:

The e-mail must be sent with valid documents no later than 24 hours before the last race of the season. Any e-mail received after this deadline will not be accepted.
The TMFL staff will review and validate/deny the document after receiving your e-mail. You will always get an answer from us to confirm the good reception.

In this organization, we will not be asking ~1000 players to verify their ID. Only the players in a position to finish inside the top 5 in the General Driver Standing before the last race of the season will be required to follow this obligation. A statement will be made 24h after Race 9 to notify every player in this position.

Thank you for joining Trackmania Formula League! Whatever your level is, if you take part to win the League or if you just want to test yourself at a competitive level, remember to have fun, take it easy and respect everybody!

Now start your engines.