TMFL is a 10 races league

Multilap races calendar with exclusive racetracks
Sunday afternoon action packed event : an hour and a half with free practice - one lap qualifying - 40 to 50 minutes race

Responsive fuel and tyre management

Tyre wear depending on drifting and skidding intensity
Worn tyres causing loss of grip when cornering and accelerating
Fuel consumption based on throttle usage
Pit stop for refueling and tyres change

Immersive spectator experience

Self-made and accurate G-Force Radar
Live multiplayer minimap display to closely follow the action

Team and driver standings

Aim for the top to become TMFL Champion
Join forces by creating your team (3 drivers)
Find your teammate on discord

Join TMFL discord

Eager to go racing ?

Our F247 server, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will give you a small taste of what TMFL will deliver
Practice makes perfect

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