Pick&Race : Your new regular TMFL experience January 31 2023

We are pleased to introduce to you Pick&Race : a new Formula 247 server, home of your new regular TMFL experience with a unique and new gamemode feature that changes the game ! Twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday 21h00 (CET/CEST), you will be invited on the Formula247 club in-game to take part in a race event in TMFL conditions. But the most interesting feature with Pick&Race is that you will have the possibility to choose the race parameters in a voting phase just before the upcoming event.

Final fight under the lights of New Formula November 30 2022

Time to quit your diving suit and board again inside the time machine! But you won't go back in time, you'll spawn in the middle of a gigantic and futuristic city: New Formula. This season delivers another banger of a map. A mind-blowing scenery and a incredible layout are the perfect recepee for the ultimate race of Season 5. Drivers may enjoy every curves of the track, it features fast corners alongside the walls, heavy drifts in opened sections but also needed to negociate the massive

Dive to the depths of Vestige November 23 2022

Two races to go in this fifth season of the TMFL and the fight for the championship is now wide open ! Patrose started the season like a cannonball by winning the first four races of the season in complete control. His domination was total, and the road to a third championship title seemed all traced in front of him. That was burying Wosile too quickly. Despite Patrose's domination, just in the shadow, Wosile stayed clear of trouble and secured P2 every time. His time finally came when he won

Overcome your fears on Spirits of Alumni November 16 2022

Time to leave the hell of Okinawa, its drama and its infamous turn 2 hairpin! Let's go back in the present... But is it only safer? Danger in Okinawa was coming from the beach... On our next destination, danger seems to be everywhere. It's here and not here, it's a feeling that will get under your skin. Some will say it's especially coming from the frightening castle that dominates the track from the hills. Some will shake under the gigantic portal overlooking the asphalt from the sky.

Okinawa : Make Race, Not War November 9 2022

While some of the drivers are hyped to leave Vilac's rainy conditions, they might miss its children's thematic... Time to board in our time machine and land in 1945 on another island. It's June, 80 years ago during the WWII. The Japanese empire tries to repel the US army on its land : Okinawa. The Japan base is in maximum alert and puts in the air as many zero fighters it could. Drivers will have to avoid them as the race track uses the airfield runway as a main straight. Storming through the